Ball Protection for PTC websites
The preview of functionality you can find for example at after you logged to website
Unprotected websites are easily reachable
Ballprotection installed - cheaters are stopped
Generaly the multiclicker software is constructed  for visiting the website without the presence of the person who uses the software.

Mostly the Multiclicker software is adjusted for detection the exact point in the screen with later action what is preprogamed by user. Also the needed point of click can be found by more methods like resolution of color of clicked or changing the cursor status as well.

This interaction is resolved by our ballprotection plugin which was made for PTC Evolution script administrators as the help against the cheaters who use the unfair practices.

The Ballprotection can be used for all placed ads in each version of Evolution Script and Fixed ads as well. If you are interesting in other type of PTC websites we can protect your website on demand.
The Basics of Ball Protection Addon
Clicking on the object occurs when the new window is not open but a ball-shaped image is generated and is placed in a random space in the designated space. The color of the balls is random and the cursor moves over the balls while the arrow is still in the shape of an arrow.
After the mouseover the object of the click, the cursor remains a pointer that appropriately fooling the software and click becomes ineffective.
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...and the cheaters have no chance
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Item:           PTC Ads Ball Protection Package
                   (specific for PTC and Fixed Ads)

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